Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pizza Salvatore

New Year is celebrated in different manners around the world. To celebrate the beginning of the new year, my friends & I went out to have a pizza party.

Salvatore Crystal Jade
The party was held on Pizza Salvatore, Kawasaki. Shinjuku's Salvatore was fully booked so we reserved place in Kawasaki's Salvatore.

Salvatore shares the place with Crystal Jade. Pretty good combination between Italian and Chinese restaurants. Imagine yourself eating pizza with dumpling. Hmmm...

Yummy pizza

Pizza Pizza Pizza
What you see here is just a tiny part of what we ordered.

Danbo also joined the fun.


I still remembered their reactions when I introduced my little friend to them. Good thing that Danbo has a big warm heart so he quickly made friend with them.

Omiyage for Danbo
Danbo received a souvenir from Hakuba.

Pizza is not completed without Sambal.

We managed to sneak in one bottle of Sambal.

Charge !
Lots of hungry wolves here. Being with them, you need to know when to stop taking photos, otherwise your share will be gone in a matter of seconds.

Can I have one, please ?
Can I have one, please ?

Cheers !

Danbo ! You're still a minor !
Danbo! You're still a minor !

One of my favorite pizza restaurants. They have several locations in Japan. You can visit their website for more information.


kodomut said...

Crystal Jade and Pizzas?!

That is heaven!

Protocol Snow said...

Looks so appetizing. Kind of weird for the Chinese and Italian restaurants to share the same space!

dans said...

It's not weird. It's heaven ! :P

YuKi-To said...

lol sambal, that's very Indonesian style! Too bad I'm not the type that eats pizza with sambal =P

dans said...

@Yuki-To : Can't live without Sambal.

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