Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chara Hobby 2009 Coverage - 3

Gundam Cosplayers
The final coverage for Chara Hobby 2009. The main reason why I went there were actually to shoot the cosplayers. Looking back at my experience at the Wonder Festival, I went there with high expectation for the cosplayers.

Unfortunately, it didn't reach my expectations. There were only few cosplayers, and their not as good as the one in Wonder Festival. There was also no special place outside for the cosplayers to show their hard work. The cosplayers were inside the hall scattered all around the place making it hard to find them. The problem with being inside the hall was that there was not enough light and it was hard to find a good background for the shot. Below are few cosplayers that I shot.

Gundam Cosplayers
Gundam Cosplayers. Love the Guncannon costume.

Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya

Alex Louis Armstrong
Alex Louis Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist.

Four girls from SKE48 were there. It's been a while since I followed the music news, so I have no idea about this group.

Takara Tomy had a Transformer's booth where they displayed the Bumblebee. Too bad it's not transformable.

Mono Eye Ices
Mono Eye Ices.

This is the end of the Chara Hobby Coverage. It was fun but I probably will not go next year. I might go to Wonder Festival though.

And here's one bonus shot for you.


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