Thursday, August 20, 2009

Social House Jakarta

Social House 4
Other than photography, one thing that I like to do is doing Food Hunting. Located in Grand Indonesia, Social House is a new restaurant that is quite popular as a new hang out place in Jakarta. As a food hunter, I feel obligated to pay a visit there.

Wine wine wine
The first thing I noticed at the entrance was the huge amount of wine displayed. Wine lover will love this place.

Social House 2
I love the way they designed the restaurant. It is quite spacious and the interior design was dominated by wood.

Social House 3
There were lots of people eating there. Sitting in the counter was my only option.

Social House Menu
There were lots of drink to choose. Coffee, soft drink, wine, cocktail, mocktail, etc. After a bit of thinking, I decided to pick the "Homemade Grandma's Iced Lemon Tea".

Watermelon Juice & Grandma's Iced Lemon Tea
The right picture is the iced lemon tea, and the left one is the Watermelon Juice. Both drinks were refreshing and tasty.

Pizza Marinara
For food, we ordered the Marinara Pizza and Dylan Blossom Sushi. Great choice ! ^^

Dylan Blossom
Dylan Blossom, a yummy deep fried sushi roll with salmon, crab stick, cream cheese, and ikura served with sweet and spicy sauce.

Social House 5
Nice design, great view, delicious food, and reasonable price. No wonder people love to hang out here.


YuKi-To said...

oh man the food and drinks look so goood!

I looove food hunting too XD

dans said...

we should do food hunting together someday ^^

jesi k said...

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