Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sari Laut Palembang

Palembang, my hometown, is a capital city of South Sumatra in Indonesia. It's a nice little city. Although there is not many things you could do there, the food is delicious. One of the restaurant I could recommend is Sari Laut, a seafood restaurant.

Ordered some Pempek for appetizer. Pempek is a delicacy from Palembang. It is usually made of fish and sago. It is served with cuka, a very spicy dark sauce. If you come to Palembang, this is a must try food. :)

Coconut Juice
Decided to have Coconut Juice. You can order it in a glass or inside a coconut.

Fried Gurami
For the main dish, we ordered a yummy fried Gurami fish.

Sayur Asem
Sayur Asem. Literally means Sour Vegetables, Sayur Asem is a popular vegetable soup in Indonesia. The mixture of sweet and sour taste is very nice.

Tom Yam Sea Food
Tom Yam Seafood.

The meal is not completed without Sambal, a spicy condiment made of chili pepper. I just love spicy food. ^^

Food !!
That's it. See you on the next post !


Anonymous said...

Woah! The fish looks scary lol ^^

YuKi-To said...

not a frequent visitor of sari laut though XD

Michael Flux said...

Sigh... fish :'(

dans said...

@kodomut : scary but yummy ^^
@YuKi-To : I am not a frequent visitor too. My dad is. xD
@Michael Flux : Why sigh ? Do you miss fish or do not like fish ? :)

diego.a said...

The Sambal and peppers look very vibrant and hot!

Palembang seems nice. Is it cleaner and less traffic congested than the other Indonesian cities? The food seems reason enough to visit :)

dans said...

it's a small city. clean, less traffic jam. nothing worth visit there except all the delicious food. :)

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