Wednesday, August 19, 2009


To have a place you can called "Home" is a wonderful thing. A place where you can rest and get food for your body and mind. No matter how far you travel over the world, there is nothing as great as your home. During the Obon holiday, I went back to Indonesia to visit my family.

I sure missed my home. One thing that I really missed was my bed. My bed felt so soft and cozy. Took lots of effort to leave it.

Olyn 2
Playing with my niece, Olyn. Taking photos of a baby was a new experience for me. It was hard to get the right moment. It was fun though. :)

My Shih Tzu dog, Chelsea.

My Pomeranian dog, Goldie.

Goldie 2

And here's a sneak peek of what I am going to post next.
Hoka Hoka Bento


YuKi-To said...

in Palembang? make sure u eat ur pempek =P

YuKi-To said...

oh wait.. it's hoka hoka bento.. Palembang doesnt have that! XD

dans said...

I went back to Palembang only for three days. Of course I made sure to eat lots of pempek while I was there ^^. After that, I spent a week in Jakarta.

YuKi-To said...

how could u spend more days in Jakarta! u traitor! XD

hehe hope we can see each other in Palembang sometime!

KorganoS said...

on first glance, I thought she was your daughter =__=; And somehow you didn't invite me to your wedding party...

but then... oh.. okay. So you're in Jakarta? Until when? Let's meet up d00d!

dans said...

@korgie : =_=' I already went back to Japan. I will go to Indonesia again on December or January. Let's meet up at that time d00d ! ^^

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