Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chara Hobby 2009 Coverage

Ms Igloo
Chara Hobby is the annual event where the major model kit manufacturers show their latest model kits. Today was my first time going there. I took more than 400 photos which I need to split into few posts. This first post will cover the Gundams.

Chara Hobby
Unlike the Wonder Festival, the people were less than what I expected. The place was not as big as Wonder Festival 2009.

The first booth that I visited was the Hobby Japan.

Shinanju & Unicorn
Shinanju and Unicorn Gundam looks awesome.

Zaku II & GM
Zaku II and GM. The UC Gundam Series design was my favorite.


The Zakus

Char's Counterattack
Amuro's punch !

OO Series
OO Gundam and Susanowo

Reborns Gundam
Reborns Gundam

OO Series
Exia Vs O Gundam

Unicorn Series
Rozen Zulu and Unicorn Gundam

Destroyed Shinanju
Shinanju got Destroyed mode.

Drill Gundam
Drill Gundam that can pierces the heaven


Astray Blue Frame Second
The new model kits from Astray series.

A cool looking SD Gundam Wing can be yours for only 12000 Yen.

Cup Noodle X Gundam

Cup Noodle X Gundam
The legitimate child born from Cup Noodles and Gundam.

Cup Noodle X Gundam
That's all for now. Will upload the rest later.

Coverage 2 and Coverage 3 are up.


kluxorious said...

not much of a Gundam fan but damn feels like wanting one of those models after I saw your photos especially the one in destroyed mode.

dans said...

@kluxorius : I used to love Model Kit. Due to the work, I decided to stop that hobby.

kluxorious said...

I'm not good with details hence why I have never consider it.

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