Thursday, August 27, 2009

Futago Tamagawa Hanabi 2009

Futago Tamagawa Hanabi 2009
It had been a year since I watched Hanabi (Fireworks) in Japan. This year, I decided to go watch Hanabi in Futago Tamagawa. Futago Tamagawa Hanabi is known for its gorgeous fireworks. I have heard lots of good thing about it. Last week, My friends and I went there.

Sea of people near the station. The street was jammed with so many people.

The phone network was very bad that day. Having a very hard time trying to call friends. It was a good thing that we finally able to meet up.

A random shot of the building.


The street was decorated with beautiful lanterns. It felt like we were in a big festival.

Some Yatai were set up close to the place.

I could see lots of people in every direction. I was a bit worried that we were not going to be able to find a good place to sit.

I was surprised to see that there were still lots of spaces left. Very different than what I had last year at Sumidagawa Hanabi.

Random photo of my surroundings.

Lots of happy faces there. Everyone was waiting patiently for the fireworks.

Futago Tamagawa Hanabi 2009
When the fireworks started, everybody watched it in awe. Some traditional Japanese music were also being played during Hanabi. The fireworks itself were very artistic and nice.

Futago Tamagawa Hanabi 2009
It was a fantastic night. This place immediately became my favorite place to watch Hanabi.

The three Fireworks photos were taken by my friend, Steve. That was my first time shooting fireworks, so most of them were failures. Shooting fireworks felt very different than what I used to shoot. Well, It was a very good experience. I will make sure that next time I could post my own fireworks photos.


kluxorious said...

@_@ that is sooo pretty. Wish we have something like that over here -__-

love the shot of your 'friend' btw. very mysterious

YuKi-To said...

yea I noticed that in Japan, whenever there's a lot of people... the phone network becomes really bad. Like when I was at Comiket ^^;

dans said...

@kluxorious : Thank you. This Hanabi was the best fireworks I have seen so far.

@Yuki-To : I was surprised when I first had the problem with the network. I didn't expect that Japan has this kind of problem.

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