Friday, February 11, 2011

Australia: The Harbour City Sydney

Opera House
Knowing how much Australia has to offer and how little time we had, it's difficult to decide which places to go. Australia is big, and we only had 10 days to explore Australia. Getting to know Australia will be a difficult task. With that in mind, we narrowed it down to three: Sydney, Melbourne, and Tasmania.

The Harbour City, Sydney, is known as the largest, oldest, and most beautiful city in Australia. Sydney is a multicultural city. You could easily notice the differences in race, culture, art, fashion, and cuisine in the city.

Opera House
There are plenty of things to do in Sydney. First of all, it would be strange to visit Sydney without making a trip to Circular Quay and look at two Australia’s most recognizable icons: The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House.


Harbour Bridge
The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the world's largest steel arch bridge. Built by 1400 men over eight years, the bridge was opened in 1932.

Bridge Climb
If you want to experience something different, you can go to the BridgeClimb and climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's not as scary as I imagined. It's a very interesting experience, and you could see the sunrise or the sunset from the top.

The Bridge Climb
I've been there once. ^^

Close to them is the Royal Botanic Gardens. You can take a walk, have a picnic, take a bike ride, watch seagulls, or you can just lie on the grass, have a short nap and enjoy the weather.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Nice view
Or you could just bring Danbo out to enjoy some fresh air.


Sydney Ferry Ride
Take a ferry ride to enjoy a different view of the harbour from the deck.

Sydney 2010

You don't need to worry about food in Sydney. There are plenty of restaurants offering all kinds of menus to suit your taste from Asian to Western cuisines. For Asian restaurants, I recommend eating at Chat Thai or Mamak. For chocolate lover, too bad there is no Koko Black in Sydney. :(

Nasi Lemak.

Mamak Mee Goreng
Mamak's mee goreng. A must try food.

Fish Market
Fresh fish from Sydney Fish Market.

Sydney 2010

Sydney Firework
Sydney's New Year Eve Fireworks

Sydney Firework
With all that Sydney has to offer, who doesn't love Sydney ?


stephanie said...

Love the fireworks pics. I only got to see that on the news T____T

They don't have Koko Black but they do Guylian Cafe (tapi kalah si sama Koko Black atau Lindt)

dans said...

@stephanie : tahun depan harus lihat, fan. bagus lho. walau ga sebagus yang di jepang. :D

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