Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Australia: Tasmaniyeaaahh !!

Lonely Oak Tree
Yeay for Tasmania ! Tasmania is an island full of natural beauty. It has everything from historical and charming towns, such as Hobart and Launceston, to breathtaking scenery, such as Bridestowe Farm. Not to mention it's only one hour flight away from Melbourne.

Virgin Blue
After spending some time in Melbourne, we took the local airline, Virgin Blue, to Devonport, a small city in the northwestern part of Tasmania.

From there, it's time for some road trip. Road trip in Tasmania is a must. In my opinion, driving in Tasmania is the best way to getting around this enchanting island. There is a flexibility in time and you could make your own itineraries based on your interest.

Road Trip
There are also so many things you could see along the roads.

The nature,

beautiful houses,

unique buildings,

Richmond Bridge
historical places (Richmond Bridge, the oldest bridge in Australia),

the animal,

sexy ducks,

and also the Jaywalkers...

Bridestowe Lavender Farm
One of the places that I visited was the Bridestowe Lavender Farm. The Lavender Farm is so stunning that you could call it the little Provence in Tasmania.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm
Jump !

Camwhoring Moment
There is always time for some camwhoring moments.

The Bee
You just need to be a little bit careful there. There are lots of bees around the lavender.

Getting lost in Lavender Farm
Danbo was having fun too.

Bridestowe Lavender Farm
Behind the scene.

Ross Village Bakery
If you're on your way from Launceston to Hobart, make sure you stop at Ross Village Bakery. The pie was delicious.

Ross Village Bakery
Yummy indeed.

Ross Village Bakery

Despite all of the that, the main attraction in Tasmania is not the scenery, but its remarkable and abundance wildlife. You have a good chance of seeing the wildlife in their natural habitat. There are also lots of Wildlife Park to visit, such as ZooDoo Wildlife.

Beautiful pony

Friendly wallaby
Friendly wallaby

Cutey Wombat
Cuteeee wombat  *heart melts*

Elegant Swan
Elegant swan

Gorgeous Camel
Gorgeous Camel

Hello There !
Hello !

Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil. He doesn't look like a devil.

Quite cute actually. I wonder if Tasmanian people got it wrong.

The Real Tasmania Devil ?
THIS is the one whom they should called Tasmanian Devil !


Kuujiryo said...

Ohh cool :D Are you still in Tasmania now? Are you going to Hobart? I actually live down here. If you ever come by JB Hifi, say hi to the guy with the huge spiky hair where the computer section is :P

dans said...

@Kuujiryo : Back in Tokyo already. I was in Hobart for few days. Next time I'll make sure to drop by and say hi to the spiky hair guy. :D

Muza-chan said...

Great photo! :)

dans said...

@Muza-chan : Thank you :)

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