Monday, July 25, 2011

Wonder Festival Summer 2011 - One Piece and Harry Potter

Wonfes 2011
Wonder Festival (Wonfes) is the largest annual event displaying and selling garage kit and figures of anime, mecha, and game characters. Took hundreds of photo yesterday and still haven't finished processing all photos. Will do the coverage, but meanwhile, enjoy some One Piece and Harry Potter figures. Aokiji looks amazing here.

Wonfes 2011 - One Piece
Luffy after time skip.

Wonfes 2011 - One Piece
Silvers Rayleigh

Wonfes 2011
Luffy and Zoro

Wonfes 2011 - One Piece
Zoro's figure is absolutely amazing. The painted color and the pose are bloody cool.

Wonfes 2011
The three brothers: Luffy, Ace, and Sabo

Wonfes 2011
Ace & Enel

Wonfes 2011
Nami & Chopper

Wonfes 2011 - Harry Potter
And behold ! The one who defeated You Know Who, Harry Potter !

Wonfes 2011 - Harry Potter
Looking good, Harry.

Wonfes 2011 - Harry Potter
The rest of the photos will follow later. Happy Monday !


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