Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012
My favorite season, the Sakura Season, is here. A couple of years ago while I was still living in Indonesia, I really had no idea why people always making such a big deal about Sakura. The whole idea of enjoying flowers kinda felt like a stupid and girly idea back then. Only after coming to Japan, I could truly understand the joy of watching flowers and Sakura immediately became my favorite flower. And during this time, I would feel really bad if I don't spend time blogging about it. :D

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012
This time I went to Shinjuku Gyoen for Hanami. A lovely place to see the flowers.

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012

Sakura Shinjuku Gyoen 2012
Sakura <3


Mei めい said...

hope I can go to Japan soon ><

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos of those cherry blossoms, lovely!

TagoFabic said...

Beautiful photos!!!! We went to the garden one rainy Friday last April and I was amazed how peaceful the place really is. :D

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