Sunday, April 26, 2009

Inohana Koen

Inohana Koen Entrance

Inohana Park (亥鼻公園), located in downtown Chiba, is quite well famous as a good spot to watch Sakura. Knowing that the Sakura season was over already, I went there a few weeks ago to take a look at it while still hoping that Sakura were there.

Sakura lantern
The Sakura Lanterns were still hanging everywhere. My chance of seeing Sakura in this park was not zero.

Lantern everywhere
Between the lanterns, my eye set on a huge building on far behind. I rushed my way toward the building.

Chiba Castle
There was a huge castle in front of me. It was Inohana Castle also known as Chiba Castle. A magnificent view but sadly there were not many Sakura anymore.

Inohana Koen 3
Some people still went there to relax and watch the Sakura.

Chiba Castle 2
A horsed archer statue was standing there, aiming his arrow toward the castle. Inside the castle was Chiba Folk Museum. The museum has a number of exhibits and materials on Chiba clan.

Inside Chiba Castle 3
This must be the lord of the castle.

Inside Chiba Castle 2
You can see guns that were used in that era.

Inside Chiba Castle
There was also some books, armors, and paintings inside. I would love to show all the items inside if only the security didn't come to me and asked me to stop taking photos. >_>

After walking around for a couple of minutes, I decided to go home because there was not many things to see inside. There was one thing that managed to get my attention though. There was a studio there where you can put the lord's armor and cloth. After that they will take photo of you. And for couple they can take photos of you together. The line was quite long though so I decided to skip it.

Inohana Koen
It was quite an interesting place to go. If it is possible, I would like to go here again next year to see the Castle again and that time will be during Sakura season.


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finally it is working ^^. Thanks, Hao.

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