Friday, May 1, 2009

Foreign Registration - Chiba Chuo Ward

Chiba Ward Office

A few weeks ago I moved to Chiba City, a big city but not as crowded as Tokyo. According to the Alien Registration Law, if we change address ,we are obligated to apply at the office of the new municipality in which you reside within 14 days. The Chiba City Ward is located in Chiba Chuo closed to Parco, a big shopping center in Chiba City.

Spring has sprung
Spotted some lovely flowers during my way to the ward office. Decided to take a break and took photo of it.

It was almost lunch time and my stomach started to beg for food. I decided to go to the nearest fast food restaurant, Nakau.

Yummy Oyakodon for 490 Yen. Nakau is one of the famous fast food restaurant in Japan similar to Yoshinoya or Matsuya. It is everywhere, open 24 hours, cheap, and the food is tasty. I remembered when I first came to Japan, I went to Nakau a lot of times just to save some money. Things got a lot better now. :) I do still go there sometimes when I want to have a quick bite. I like their Oyakodon and Katsudon.

Chiba Chuo Ward Entrance
The entrance to the Ward Office.

You can put and lock your umbrella in here. Although rare, umbrellas do get stolen in Japan. My friend's expensive umbrella got stolen once. Make sure to lock your umbrella properly.

Chiba City Museum of Art
The Ward Office is inside the Chiba City Museum of Art. I was confused in the beginning. The museum starts from the sixth floor.

Saya-Do Hall
Saya-Do Hall in the first floor. They use this hall to show the art exhibition. No exhibition was held when I went there. Anyway, my destination is the 5th floor.

Foreigners Section
On the 5th floor, I went straight to the Foreign Registration section.

Waiting Place
This is where you need to sit and wait until your turn arrive.

Chiba Ward Office
Once your turn come, they will call you. Go there, sit, and confess what you did. ;p
My turn came and I told the old guy at the counter that I changed my address and he gave a form to fill in. After filling in the form, I needed to give him my passport and my Alien Registration Card.

After that, he gave me the waiting card and told me to wait for a while.

Later when they call you, your number will show up in the board and you will need to go back to the counter.

Reading Materials
Some reading materials if you are bored. I got called 20 minutes later to receive my Alien Registration Card and passport. He wrote down my new address in the back of the card.
That's it. A simple procedure. Once you have done in here, you can go home or enjoy the art exhibition on the above floors.

Spotted some Koinobori on my way home. It is almost time for Children's Day. Might go and blog about it later.

Final Note: Thanks to Hao and Jamaipanese who told me that the comment didn't work. I must have accidentally deleted part of the comment codes last time when I was updating my layout. It should work now. :)


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