Monday, May 25, 2009

Tokyo Tram

When we are talking about means of transportation in Japan, we are usually talking about train, train, and train. But did you know that Tram (or Streetcar) exists in Tokyo ?

Toden Arakawa Line is one of the two remaining Tokyo's Streetcar (the other one is Tokyu Setagaya Line).

According to our trusted Wikipedia:
The line was originally constructed by the Oji Electric Tram Company (王子電気軌道, Ōji-denki-kidō?) as a part of their extensive network, with the oldest section still operating today opened in 1913. The line was at threat of being shut down along with the rest of Tokyo's streetcar system in the 1960s, but concerted opposition from residents prevented this and parts of lines 27 (Minowabashi-Akabane) and 32 (Arakawa-Waseda) were merged to form the line as it is today. The line was sold to the Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation in 1974, which renamed it the Toden Arakawa Line.

Thanks to Kyoko Eli who suggested this place. I was supposed to meet the other FTPS members on that day but couldn't make it due to personal reason. Since the idea was interesting enough, I decided to go check it out.

Waseda Station
The tram operates from Waseda Station to Minowabashi via Ikebukuro.

It was a very nice ride, slow and leisurely. The people who ride the train were also very casual. I didn't see anyone wearing a black suit. It felt very different from Metro or JR trains. If I have to describe it, it was more of a countryside ride.

It takes only 160 yen to ride it. 400 yen for the whole day. Inexpensive ride to spend your time.

It is quite worthwhile to spend a day going there.

This is the machine where you need to pay for the fee. You can also use a Suica card.

The Toden Arakawa Line starts from Waseda Station, a short walk from the Minowa station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) exit #3.


If you have time to spare, I recommend you to go and check it out.


Shiddo said...

Nice photos. Japo railroads and trams are awesome ^^ Wish I could get there once ^^

dans said...

Thanks, Shiddo. I hope you can come to Japan one day.

Nicolas T. said...

Thank you! I'll go see it this week ^^

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