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Holy Resurrection Cathedral ( 復活大聖堂 ) is the main cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church. It is also known as Nicholai-do ( ニコライ堂 ), named after St. Nicholai Kasatkin who introduced Orthodox in Japan. The Cathedral was completed on 8 March 1891. Stumbled upon this church while I was walking down the Ochanomizu yesterday. It's a bit hidden among tall buildings.

The design of the cathedral was planned by Dr. Michael A. Shchurupov based on the Russian style, designed by British architect named Josiah Conder, and constructed by Nagasato Taisuke. The work took about seven years, lasting from 1884 to 1891.

The original design, both interior and exterior, prior to the present one, was based on Russian style, with a big dome. Unfortunately, during the great Kanto earthquake on September 1923, the belfry collapsed on the roof and the interiors were completely burned down.

During the restoration, the belfry was lowered in order to avoid the same fate. The dome was also changed into present Byzantine style. The interior design was simplified too according to Okada Shinichiro's design.

You're not allowed to take photos inside the cathedral but the interior was pretty nice. You could pay an offering for 300 Yen to help the renovation. Most services are in Japanese. Some services could be held in English if requested.

St. Nicholai Kasatkin first came to Japan as a chaplain for the Russion consulate in Hakodate. He spent his first seven years in Japan studying Japanese language and religion as well as its culture. Within a few years after he began his missionary work, there were thirty thousand people responded to his call. He departed his life on 16 February 1912, at the age of 75. His missionary is manifested now in the presence of 150 churches all over Japan as well as the voluminous works of his translations of the prayer books which are still in use.

The graceful sight of the cathedral has been a favorite symbol of Ochanomizu since its foundation and is visited by many people every year.



Looks like some familiar place I've seen in Singapore, except not a church but a mosque; Bring you there next time!

dans said...

@こ : I think I know what you're talking about. Let's go there next time !

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