Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Last week I spent most of my free time at home. I tried to devote my time for my dear Mac, to understand him, and to get to know each other. Although things were progressing nicely, it might take a while before we become best friend. I decided to give some free time alone for him while I went adventuring in Chiba Prefecture.

Inage (稲毛) is a ward located north of Chiba City. The Inage Station is located two stations from Chiba Station by Sobu Line.

It was a nice place. Very quiet residential area.

Too quiet actually. There were quite lots of people near the station, but apart from there I barely saw any activities there. It's not a bad thing though.

The weather was lovely that day.

Since I came to Japan, walking has become one of my regular activity. I could just spent my evening walking around the neighborhood, getting fresh air, adventuring, and taking photos.

It is almost time for Momijigari. Will make sure that I go hunting for Momiji.


There are two stations in Inage. One is Inage Station, and the other one is Keisei Inage. Here you see the Keisei Line. I was actually walking from Inage Station to Keisei Inage Station.

Waiting for the Keisei Line train to pass.

Lately, I've been reviewing my HTML codes, and gosh.. it was a bit embarrassing to see how ugly my code was (it still is). I did lots of tweaking to improve it. It should be faster now (or just pretend that it's faster, will you ? :D).

I was also thinking whether I should get my own domain or not. If you know any reliable and cheap or free reasonable hosting company, do tell me.

That's all for today. Happy Tuesday !


LEon said...

Very nice shots. I was wondering the way that car park is it consider legal in Japan?

kluxorious said...

I would have walked a lot too if that's the kind of neighborhood I live in. Unfortunately the crime rate in my part of the world is pretty crazy :(

dans said...

@Leon : I have seen lots of car parking the same way in Japan, so I could say that it's legal. I'm not totally sure about that though.

@kluxorious : There is actually an increase of crime rate in Japan but you can still consider it safe compare to the other countries. I don't need to worry about my camera when I carry it outside. :D


awesome pictures!

Michael Flux said...

Wonderful photos as always Ted, and to answer the question/s - yes yes yes, go for your own domain, just looks way more professional that way. ^_^ As for hosting well, honestly most any company will do just fine. As for the one I personally use, I use vstech.net - been with them for quite a while now and everything is most excellent so far - think in the last 3-4 months I experienced all of 5-10 minutes of downtime and even then I was warned that the downtime would occur.

dans said...

@Michael : Thanks ! Blogger is good for starter, but now I want more for my blog. :D vstech looks nice. I will probably use them. Not in the near future though. I still have lots of things to do. ^^

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