Saturday, October 31, 2009

FAQ: RAW Editor

Show me your foot !
RAW JPEG RAW JPEG.... If you have been following me around, you should know that I am a JPEG lover. No matter how much RAW tries to seduce me with its awesome post-processing ability, my heart never walk away from JPEG.

The reason why most people shoot in RAW is that you have more control over your photo in the post-processing. Having a white balance issues ? Open the RAW editor and fix it. Underexposed photo ? Light it up with RAW editor. Overexposed ? RAW editor. Using the RAW editor, you can easily manipulate your photo. That is because all the information from the camera are kept in the RAW file (which is also the reason for the enormous file size).

Let's see an example. For the sake of this post, let us pretend that I shot the above comparison photo in RAW. The photo on the left side is the original one. When I first looked at the left one, I was sad. I made a mistake on the white balance, and in return my photo got a little blue.

I need to fix it up !

So I fired up the RAW editor, did a little fixing on white balance, and immediately got the result (see the right photo). I was happy. God blesses the one who made the RAW editor.

So why did I choose to be with JPEG ?
- The file size is way smaller than RAW.
- It is faster to take photo (due to its size).
- Less storage units. I don't want to buy external hard disk every few months.
- Cause I love JPEG.

And lately, I found one more reason to be with JPEG.

Adobe Bridge
Open up the Adobe Bridge (mine is CS3) and select the photo that you want to fix.

Camera RAW

RAW editor
OMG. What did I just see ?

JPEG Editor
Now that you learned that you CAN open your JPEG photos in the RAW editor, do you have any more reason to choose RAW ?


YuKi-To said...

oops, I didn't realise xD
Thanks for the info, would be more convenient in some ways!

kluxorious said...

useful tips! and I am a JPEG lover too! We rulez, man

Michael Flux said...

I personally find that JPEG is 'good enough' 99% of the time. I mean if I'm shooting something for a client and the photo needs to be perfect and I know I'll be doing lots of post processing work, obviously I'm gonna shoot RAW, but when I'm just randomly snapping away shots for fun, just can't be bothered with the inconveniences of RAW files. Too big, too much of a pain, barely any apps can open them etc etc...

dans said...

@Michael Flux: I could agree with you. If the photo is a really important one, I will switch to RAW. It never happened though. :D

Anonymous said...

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I've been a lurker on your blog for a while now and I truly love the work (photos) you do.

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dans said...

@Michael : I sent an email to you since I didn't get your email.

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