Tuesday, October 6, 2009

US Trip

Santa Monica 2
It is time to post the US Canada trip photos that are sleeping peacefully inside my hard disk. Let us start with some of the US photos for this post.

Pier 39
We arrived in San Fransisco in the afternoon. After putting all our luggage in the hotel, we went to Fisherman Wharf to grab some lunch and do some walking.

We visited the Ghirardelli Square to grab some delicious chocolates.

Yummy Chocolates
Yummy chocolates everywhere. We didn't go to a lot of places in the first day. Our bodies were tired after taking a long flight. Getting a good sleep was my first priority that day.

People usually says that if you go to US, you need to drive. We took that advice and rented a car. Our next destination was Los Angeles.

Where to go
We rented a Ford Edge. Thanks to the GPS, we managed to arrive in our destination.

If you want to eat breakfast in the early morning, iHop is probably your best bet. There are not many restaurants open early. I was simply amazed by how big the iHop's portion sizes is. You need to be careful of what you order.

Panda Express
Stopped by Panda Express to get some yummy Chinese food for lunch.



Santa Barbara.

No Swim
It looks like there are lots of people trying to swim in this place that they felt it is necessary to put the sign.

Lovely palm tress. I've always dreamed of taking photos of the palm trees.

Santa Monica
We woke up early next day and went to Santa Monica.

Santa Monica 5

Santa Monica 4

Santa Monica 3
We went there quite early in the morning so there were not many people around.

While you're in LA, one of the best places to get food is the Farmers Market.

Fresh fruits everywhere.


Farmers Market
Still fresh after 75 years !

That's all for now. See you on the next post.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a really fun trip! The beach looks beautiful and it's hard to beat fresh fruit from a farmers market.

I noticed you went to IHOP (I used to like IHOP, too). You may want to check out this undercover video of IHOP's egg supplier documenting animal cruelty and food safety violations: www.humanesociety.org/ihop

Enjoy the rest of your trip -- you take great photos!

dans said...

@anon : I've heard about that video before. Unfortunately, I was on a trip with my family and it was still early in the morning. It's really hard to find restaurant at that time. Under that circumstances, I think IHOP is the right place to go. If I travel alone, I might be able to hold my hunger for a bit while searching for another place to eat.

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