Thursday, October 1, 2009

US Canada Holiday in Summary

US Canada Trip
Every day we spend our day doing the same routine over and over. It is important to take break from daily routine of life and go for holiday. Take some rest, relax, have fun, be together with your loved ones, visit interesting place, meet new people, and be crazy. You will feel more refreshed afterward.

That's what I did two weeks ago. I grabbed my luggage, and went to US and Canada with my family to break the routines. Taking a walk in Beverly Hills, driving through the desert, admiring the Golden Gate, grabbing a fresh fruit in Farmer's Market, having lunch in Osha, taking a bite of heavenly Sprinkles cupcakes, spending nights in Vegas, watching the Bellagio fountain, getting some fresh air at Crissy Field, posing in front of Lake Louise, meeting new people, taking a shot of Canada's flag, feeling cold in Columbia Icefield, touching the Ice Explorer, tasting some wines, and having fun in the beach.

Get Mac !
And more importantly, I finally got my own Mac. :)


YuKi-To said...

hoho, another post on routine! interesting :3
ur human/candid shots are impressive, I need to learn xD

dans said...

Actually, not all the shots were candid. Some of them were planned, and few of them were my photo taken by tripod and remote. xD

kodomut said...

Trying to find a pic with danbo in it. WHERE ?!!!! You left him at home? ):

dans said...

@kodomut : Danbo was broken. :( Sadly enough, I'm gonna need to get a second one.

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