Friday, March 19, 2010

1 Year Ago...

Woof !
Today for me was just a normal day. While I was in train heading back home, I was thinking about what I should write for my blog. That's when I realized something.

OMG, my blog 1st year anniversary !! I totally forgot about it. The day I started blogging was March 3rd, 2009. It's been a year now. I should have prepared a cake.

To celebrate it, I am going to show you photos of me in action. Thanks to my sister for these photos.



Stopping by in the middle of nowhere just to take photo of the car. ^^



Hooray for the 1st year ! Time sure flies by quickly.

You could see the highlights of 2009 here.


stephanie said...

ya ampun ted2.. profesional amat gaya moto nya.. sampe nungging dan nangkring di mana2 hahaha... anyway.. selamat satu taun.. love your photos! :)

dans said...

@stephanie : thank you, fan. sayang ga ada foto pas gw lagi berbaring di lantai buat foto. :D

chun said...

awww is that your doggie? so cute! and late congrats to the anniversary! :) Keep it going!

dans said...

@chun : Thanks ! Yup. That's my cute doggie. :)

AdeLheid said...

gaya doank yg aduhai fan wakakaka...
:P peace ted.. happy belated anniversary^^

dans said...

@AdeLheid: ternyata gaya gw aduhai ya. wakaka. :P Thanks. ^^

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