Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teuchi Udon Kuukai

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
Last month I had a chance to visit to Shuunan City in Yamaguchi Prefecture for business trip. The city itself doesn't offer any interesting sightseeing spot, however the city does have a lot of delicious food to offer.

One of them that I really want to introduce is the Teuchi Udon Kuukai (手打うどんくうかい), the best udon that I've had eaten so far.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
The udon is so famous that you will see people line up every single day to eat it.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
It is so good that the restaurant got the Best Restaurant award from Tabelog since 2009.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
The udon is handmade. You can see how they make the udon while you are waiting in the line. It looks fun and easy to make.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
Inside of the restaurant.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai
Plenty of menu to choose from.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai

Teuchi Udon Kuukai - Niku Bukkake Udon
Niku Bukkake Udon. Udon with minced onion, nori, radish, and lots of thin slice beef served with thick dashi broth. The best thing about it is the udon. The udon is a bit thin and springy, and it tastes really good that we decided to come here again within the next few days.

Teuchi Udon Kuukai - Kamatama Udon
I ordered Kamatama Udon on the next visit. Colleague said that Kare Kamatama Udon is the best. Kinda regret I didn't order that. :(

While we're on the subject of Shuunan food, let me introduce other delicious Shuunan food as well. I only took a few shots with my iPhone because I didn't bring my DSLR with me.

Bari Uma Koku Ramen
Bari Uma Koku Kara Ramen (バリ馬濃く辛ラメン). Thick broth, very delicious. Not as spicy as it looks.

Bari Uma Koku Ramen
Bari Uma Koku Ramen (バリ馬濃くラメン).

Nagasaki Chanmen
Nagasaki Chanmen, ramen with lot of veggies. Not really unique to Yamaguchi, but still yummy !

Hormon Kinryuu
Yakiniku Hormon Kinryuu (ホルモン金龍), cheap and very delicious.

Sanzoku Yaki & Sanzoku Musubi
Irori Sanzoku, unique restaurant in the middle of mountain. Sanzoku Yaki and huge Sanzoku Musubi. The onigiri is as big as my hand. Sanzoku (山賊) means Mountain Bandit.

If you come to Shuunan City, make sure you try these places. Highly recommended !


Smithy said...

Those udon dishes look delicious~

dans said...

It's super yummy ! :D

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