Monday, February 1, 2010

Hakuba Goryu

Hakuba Goryu
Another snowy photoshoot for you. As I mentioned in the previous post, Hakuba (白馬) is one of the ski resorts in Japan and there are seven main ski areas in Hakuba. This time I went to Hakuba Goryu (白馬五竜).

Hakuba Goryu
Took a night bus from Shinjuku. Lots of people prefer to take the night bus because of the low cost.

Arrived early in the morning, looked around, and saw only Subway opened at that time !

Hakuba Goryu

Best Couple
Couples can write their name on it and hang it up at the entrance.

Hakuba Goryu
It's still early in the morning but lots of people already started.

Walk in the Snow
First time for Danbo to see the snow. He was very excited to see the snow.

Snow Angel
Danbo always wanted to make a Snow Angel.

Hakuba Goryu
I picked ski this time. I'd never skied before and wanted to try it.

Hakuba Goryu
Happy faces before hitting the slopes

Hakuba Goryu
I spent my morning trying to learn skiing properly. Had lots of quality time falling. Managed to learn the "pizza" technique and try beginner trail a few time before lunch.


Food here is what you would expect for a ski resort. Edible.

Restaurant View
Lovely view from the restaurant.

Goggle and Gloves

Do you have a smaller size ?
Danbo couldn't find the right size for him.

Too heavy
A little bit too heavy for Danbo.


Ready for snowboarding
Danbo is all set and ready for skiing.

Hakuba Map
Map of Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47. You could go to Hakuba 47 from the top.

Determined to get a good photos from the top, this time I brave myself riding the gondola to the top while bringing my camera.

Hakuba Goryu
The gondola takes you to the top where far more scarier intermediate and advanced courses are available.

Hakuba Goryu
Going up

Hakuba Goryu
And up

Hakuba Goryu
From the top, people looked so tiny like a miniature.

Hakuba Goryu

Finally arrived at the top.

Hakuba Goryu

Hakuba Goryu
Scary course is scary.

Hakuba Goryu
The view from the top, however, is really nice.

Hakuba Goryu

Hakuba Goryu
Fantastic view

Having fun in Hakuba Goryu

Having fun in Hakuba Goryu
Ended up with lots of muscle pain at the end of the day. I will probably switch back to snowboard next time.

Happy Monday, folks !


cherry blossoms said...

waaaa great scenery. nice pic *love it* ^^

chun said...

Looks like Danbo tan had fun! XD

Teksu-San said...

It reminds me to my trip to the Pyrenees O///O beauty gallery ^__^ I love snow sceneries.

Gabriela said...

Me encantaron las fotos.!!! :))

dans said...

Thanks, everyone. :)

@chun : Danbo tan had too much fun.

Anonymous said...

Your camera is really great. What camera is this?

dans said...

EOS 40D.

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