Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mirai-chan Curry

Mirai chan Curry
Having fun at CGM Night today. I was able to taste Mirai-chan Curry for the first time. Mirai-chan Curry is a collaboration between Danny Choo with the Max Factory Indian restaurant Indotei. It's a sweet curry with half-boiled egg and cheese on top.

Mirai chan Curry
Waiting patiently for the curry.

Mirai chan Curry

Mirai chan Curry

Mirai chan Curry
One Mirai-chan please.

Mirai chan Curry
Mirai-chan Curry comes with Mirai-chan Lassi.

Mirai chan Curry
Om nom nom nom.

Mirai chan Curry
Lovely Mirai chan is winking at me. Are we going to have Haruka-chan or Kanata-chan Curry next time ? ^^

CGM Nite 7
Time to sleep. Will do the CGM Nite coverage later. Nighty Nite !


chun said...

wonderful photos! Thanks a bunch for sharing! :D

dans said...

Thanks, Chun !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Visiting. ^^ Let's Meet up next time dans.
Your photos taking skills are great. I'm still new in Photos taking.

Nice to meet you~

dans said...

Thanks, kesenaitsumi89. Let's meet up next time !

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