Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Whenever I reach the end of year, I usually spend my time to look back and think how fast time flies. 2010 for me was a memorable year. Lots of good and bad, happy and sad things happened in 2010. So many things happened that I couldn't really follow what had happened.

There is one great thing about blogging your life. During this time of year, bloggers could go through our own blog to go through the entries. Looking at the photos that we've taken through out the years, reading the words we wrote, and recalling back how we felt at that day at that time. With those we could easily remember our stories.

Let’s take a quick look of the things that I did in 2010.

Danbo Tweetering
I started using twitter at the end of January. Didn't like it in the beginning, but now I use it everyday. It's really easy to get and share information with it.

Hakuba Goryu
Went snowboarding to Hakuba Goryu, one of the most gorgeous ski resorts in Japan.

Wonder Festival Winter 2010 Cosplayer
Attended Wonfes 2010 on February to take photos of the cosplayers.

CGM Nite 7
February was also the month when the CGM Night 7 was organized.

Singapore Trip
Took a flight to Singapore to meet with friends.

While I was in Singapore, I also had a chance to meet and do photoshoot with Kodomut and Yukito.

Woof !
Celebrating my one year of blogging.

Tokyo Sweet Escape
Did something different on April. It was my first time shooting a pre-wedding Photography. Will continue doing the wedding photography. Contact me if you want one. :)

Gongendou Koen
Took a journey to Gongendou Koen to see an amazing park full of sakura and nanohana.

Hitsujiyama Koen
Walked down to Hitsujiyama Koen to see Shibazakura. Lovely garden.

Happy Birthday Eva
May is Eva's birthday. She is my dear friend who no longer live in Japan. Decided to give a birthday surprise to her. Came up with this idea, and I was happy that my friends agreed to help me do this.

Sanrio Puroland
Braved myself and set off to Sanrio Puroland, the land of cuteness.

Headed to Hiratsuka on early July to see the biggest Tanabata Festival.

Doraemon's Grave
Visited Doraemon's Grave to pay my respect to Hiroshi Fujimoto.

Mount Fuji
Challenged myself by climbing Mount Fuji. Amazing experience.

Singapore Trip
Revisited Singapore during my holiday. I was actually thinking of moving to Singapore but decided to stay in Japan.

Bought the Seishun 18 Kippu ticket and went to Matsumoto Castle, one of Japan National Treasures.

Culture Japan: Akihabara
Tagging along with Danny to film Culture Japan: Akihabara episode. Learned a lot about filming.


Showa Kinen Koen
November is the month to enjoy the autumn colors. Spent some quality time at Yamanashi Prefecture and Showa Kinen Koen enjoying what nature has to offer,

and doing lots of happy thing with friends.

And that was a quick summary of my 2010. Good bye 2010 and HELLOOO.... 2011 !!

Aim for Sky
Let's all trying our best, aiming for the sky, to make a fabulous 2011. Happy New Year !


Smithy said...

Looks like 2010 was a fun year! Look forward to seeing your new photo adventures in 2011!

mirakuru said...

Great photoblog... I'm enjoying ur blog... thx.

dans said...

thanks. will do my best this year too. ^^

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